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Polish regions - 15 years in the European Union

Wrocław - the meeting place

Świętokrzyskie enchants

Lubuskie voivodeship

Lubelskie voivodeship

Starogard Gdański

Chojnice - the return to the motherland

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We cooperate with many partners throughout the country. We have printed several hundred publications concerning investment and economics, tourism, information, and other special topics, including:

  • Poland's Economy – Development of Regions
  • Wrocław - the Meeting Place
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  • Kielce - Our Pride
  • Capitals of Polish Provinces
  • Regions of Poland
  • District of Kraków
  • Polish Towns in Europe
  • Lesser-Known Greater Poland
  • Poland – Development of Regions
  • Gdańsk - the Sea of Opportunities
  • Poland in Europe – past and present.

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