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Poland – 100 years of Independence

Kraków - 100 years of indepedence

Radom - 100 years of Independence

Kielce – 100 years of independence

Ostrów Wielkopolski

Skarżysko-Kamienna - a town on the route

Opolskie - Poland - 100 years of independence


Łódź - 100 years of indepedence

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Towns in Provinces

These richly illustrated books are a comprehensive presentation of the largest and the most important towns in the regions. The structure of the publication is divided into three parts: the first one refers to the province as a whole, the second one describes the history and development of towns, their architecture, culture, tourist attractions, sports and recreation (in alphabetical order); and the third one is devoted to the economies of individual towns. The books are created in cooperation with municipal offices.