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Polish regions - 15 years in the European Union

Wrocław - the meeting place

Świętokrzyskie enchants

Lubuskie voivodeship

Lubelskie voivodeship

Starogard Gdański

Chojnice - the return to the motherland

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serie wydawniczeThe series forms a multifaceted system of information about our country. Specific regions, districts and towns demonstrate in a convincing way the accomplishments and the scale of changes that have occurred in Poland. They promote the achievements and the potential of Polish local authorities, both inter-regionally and internationally. They contribute, at the same time, to building positive associations with Poland and Poles. The series are richly illustrated with photographs by prominent photographers, and contain texts by well-known writers. These publications are fostered by such partners as: central offices, Marshalls’, Province and Municipal Offices, as well as ‘starostas’ and regional and district local governments.