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Poland – 100 years of Independence

Kraków - 100 years of indepedence

Radom - 100 years of Independence

Kielce – 100 years of independence

Ostrów Wielkopolski

Skarżysko-Kamienna - a town on the route

Opolskie - Poland - 100 years of independence


Łódź - 100 years of indepedence

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Albumy graf

The albums demonstrate the showpieces of towns, provinces and districts in a very attractive way. They provide an opportunity to promote not only crucial metropolises, but also local communities, including invited economic associations. The texts are preceded by interesting introductory passages that give an insight into the past and the present of the region. Dozens of photographs disclose the identity of the region, or the town and its inhabitants. Prominent photographers faithfully convey the mood and the atmosphere of the landscape, townscape, cultural and artistic events, the world of science, or the achievements of managers of economic life. The albums are designed in cooperation with local governmental units.